Our Team

Training & Business Expertise Coupled with Caring & Combat Experience

Daniel Cartwright

Master Trainer

Dan Cartwright is a passionate subject matter expert with more than 40 years of experience animal care and training worldwide.
Most recently, Dan has owned and operated Good Dog Dog Training in Napa.

Dan has extensive experience in animal behavior, behavior modification, operant conditioning, aggression reduction, and dog obedience training using positive reinforcement. In 40 years of training both animals and the humans who train animals, he has a clear understanding of how to effectively communicate with all involved. Working along with Veterinarians over the years has given him valued knowledge of animal husbandry and experience in detecting potential health issues and communicating these to the Vets.

Dan’s caring approach to training animals as well his desire to give back to our Veterans who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury make this step in his career an important and meaningful one.

Bulah Cartwright

Assistant Trainer

Dan’s wife Bulah has been working with animals since starting in 1979 at Marineland Mallorca Spain where she gained experience working with dolphins and parrots. It is also where she and Dan met. She has assisted in training an exotic animal show that included a lion cub, puma cub, alpaca, Vietnamese pot bellied pig and a fox. Aside from her animal training experience, Beulah has experience in business management including customer service at Neibaum-Coppola winery.

Jackie Martin

Director of Development

Jackie has more than 30 years of experience in entrepreneurial business, residential real estate, and home renovations, including founding a highly successful children’s retail store in La Jolla, California, the successful purchasing, renovation and sale of multiple homes in Southern California, and more than a dozen successful real estate and renovation ventures.

While passionate about creating and managing successful companies, Jackie is most passionate about taking on challenging service oriented projects that have a meaningful social impact. There is no greater calling to her than to serve our veterans. The mother of two combat infantry Marines who were deployed for a total of 10 years to both Iraq and Afghanistan, Jackie knows first hand the sacrifice our warriors made to our country and how important their transition is to civilian life is. She also knows the importance of animal service dogs to support our returning heroes. Her motherhood philosophy is the same as her philosophy in business: enthusiasm is a choice and never give up! It’s the relentless spirit, can-do attitude, and deep understanding of our veterans’ post-war needs that has inspired her to co-found Napa Service Dogs.

Jack Martin

Veteran Outreach Director

Jack is a Marine combat veteran and upon returning home from Afghanistan felt a calling to continue to serve his fellow veterans with Napa Service Dogs. Jack is a certified Computer Voice Stress Analyzer (CVSA) examiner and works as a risk management consultant on special projects in the US and overseas relating to security and safety matters associated with mitigating human-based risk. Jack is passionate about veteran’s issues and the power of service dogs to help our nation’s heroes.